Beginning with the November 9 issue, we no longer deliver to the many locations which received them in the past, but you are all welcome to pick up your free copy at any of the following sites.  They are normally distributed by Friday noon of the publication week.  We will continue to deliver to our advertisers.

Buchanan Art Center
Buchanan District Library
Buchanan Floral
Buchanan Senior Center
B&W Old Village Inn
Family Dollar
Guys & Dolls Styling
Harding’s Supermarket
Hilltop Café
Hilltop Marathon
Lowery’s Meat Market
Milano’s Pizza
Phillips 66
Pizza Hut
Redbud Hardware
Redbud Liquor
Rite Aid
Wheatberry Restaurant
Lakeland Hospital
Niles District Library
Martin’s Supermarket
UPS Store

Where can you find it? It is available for free at local stores, community centers—any place that wishes to offer it. While free of charge, paid subscriptions are also available.

Online: Each issue is available to read the day it is sent to the printer – several days before it hits the streets. The online line edition also features updates, additional info, etc. not found in the print version. It is currently undergoing extensive building (as you might deduce since you’re reading this here).

If your place of business would like to carry The Paper, please let us know!

Where is it published? Right now, from our “Virtual Office” — composed of PCs and Smart Phones.  It is then uploaded to a “real” printing press approximately 70 miles from Buchanan. Their process allows us a lot of flexibility and control, including full-color reproduction at a reasonable cost. All of which wasn’t possible even a few years ago.

UPDATE: We now have a real, bricks & mortar office….We don’t produce The Paper there, but use it for meetings and drop-offs, etc. It’s located in the Redbud Insurance Building (110 Main Street), provided most graciously by Alice Kring. Open by appointment.